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The legal framework of our firm is formed at high standards
by professional lawyers and attorneys  as a result of the experience and accurate work provided in a transparent manner within the strict law.

We have been operating at the international level and are trusted by reputable law firms and legal organisations around the world. In addition to the Republic of Turkey, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine, our activities are carried out jointly and permanently in Azerbaijan with LAW OFFICES OF EVGENY KOZLOV BARRISTER & SOLICITOR and MERGUL LAW law firms of the United Kingdom. 

We also operate in Canada and The United Kingdom and are uniting all our efforts in the international arena to provide high-quality services and successful outcomes for all types of immigration, business development, arbitration and other legal cases. 

In addition to the above-mentioned our cooperation is based on the Russian Bar Association, the Ukrainian Bar Association, the Maltese Bar Association and professional lawyers and lawyers working in the Bar Association of the Republic of Turkey.

Our lawyers and attorneys communicate fluently in French, Russian, Turkish and English.

We are proud to cooperate with you!

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